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Started by jason, October 13, 2005, 08:06:01 PM

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I have a new site for planning your vacation travel. Check out XXXXXXXXXXX


Wow Jason I can't get that site to load.  I am planning on going to Florida to take the g'babies to Disney World this year and I have never been to Florida!  I went to the Disney World in Anaheim as a teenager and thought it was a gas!
For family vacations in the midwest!


Sorry, that is an old web site I use to have setup that you could plan your travels to Orlando, over the years I have scaled back on the sites I manage. I saw that you have a link to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis IN in your profile. We plan to make a day trip up there with the kids (we are in So Indiana). Feel free to post any info about it under the "outside the gates" forum. There are a few nice attractions in the IN-KY-OH area.