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Started by jason, May 04, 2005, 05:46:22 PM

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Just starting a topic!


We stayed at Holiday Inn Family Suites 3 years ago, and it has since changed to Nick Hotel.  Everyone I have talked to said it is not worth the 180.00 a night and is LOUD!  Not a place to choose if your looking to relax.  We are looking into staying at Sheraton's Vistana Villages.  Going offsite has it's benefits too.  You get more for your money, and you really just need a place to sleep!



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I guess you and your family enjoy your vacation at Holiday Inn hotel because it offers all the amenities and services of a regular Holiday Inn but consists of rooms mixed with suites.


Yes off site hotels or motels even just 30 miles away are much less expensive.  If you plan on packing up each day you might get to see more of the area if you sight see around a little.  I just can't afford $180 a night no matter how great it is!
For family vacations in the midwest!