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Planning ahead for Aug 2009

Started by Disney Dad, August 08, 2008, 01:07:54 PM

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Disney Dad

Hi all,
I just booked my family vacation for Aug 2009 and was hoping someone might have some firsthand info regarding the Wilderness Campground Resort.  When we went to WDW last Aug (2007) we stayed in a family suite at the All Star Resort and it worked out fine for the most part.  For this vacation we decided to try a cabin, and I was wondering if anyone could tellm e if they are as nice as the pictures look.    I was alos wondering about the pool area and what else there is to do in the general area (there isnt much more then the pool to enjoy at the All Star Resorts).
Any information would be appreciated.


The cabins @ FW are nice and there are options nearby aside from a pool. There are nightly campfires, a pettinp area, wagon rides and horseback riding close by( for a fee). Hope this helps.

Disney Dad

Thanks for the's getting closer now  ;D  I know that they do a nightly campfire with Chip and Dale...are there any other characters that show up at the Campground (outside of the Hoop-De-Doo Review or Back Yard Bar-B-Que)??

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