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FastPass ticket limits?

Started by starlionblue, July 15, 2006, 12:07:56 AM

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Been a while since I last visited. Does anyone have any experience with having MORE than one FastPass? I've read something odd. I'm quoting from
"Get a fastpass for something if you arrive when the park opens at, let's say 9 AM for this discussion. The return time will be something like 9:45-10:45.  There will not be a line for that attraction at opening time, of course, but there will be at 10:45 when you use your fastpass.  While you're waiting, go to another attraction that will be crowded later, but won't be at opening time. And of course, even though you don't use that first fastpass until the end of the return time, you will be able to get another for something else at 9:45. So, get there at 9, and by 10 you will have been able to do 2-3 major attractions, plus have fast passes in hand for 2 others."

Wait a minute. Read that last sentence. How can you have more than one FP? I thought they limit it to one at a time. Can someone explain how to bypass the limit? Do I:
1. get a FP for one attraction at, say 9:00-10:00.
2. then attempt to get another one? He makes NO mention of how he got his hands on the other FPs in the last sentence!


I beleive you can get another fast pass at the start time of the first fast pass you receive. I know last time I was there I has 2 fast passes in hand at all times. Say I get there at 9:00 and get a FP for 10:30, we would go ride something that was not busy and pick up another fast pass at 10:30 and head back to the 1st FP. This only works when the park is not to busy. It's a bad day when you get to space mountain and the FP time is already at 4:30PM...


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