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This year is great for the history buffs in my hometown too! The children's museum here in Indianapolis has the Warriors of China that somehow has ties to the University here. It is something that you must not let your children miss while it is here from China.
The Parks / Re: Favorite Park
May 11, 2011, 06:05:00 AM
I loved the Treasure Island area in Anaheim.  You go from the ship to the an actual Island and it is all real trees and foliage.  The kids I went with loved it and the adults that were with us could actually have a mixed tropical drink back in the day.  I'm sure it has changed by now.  They don't allow alcohol at any of the parks now, right?
Outside The Gates / Re: Hotels!
May 11, 2011, 05:38:28 AM
Yes off site hotels or motels even just 30 miles away are much less expensive.  If you plan on packing up each day you might get to see more of the area if you sight see around a little.  I just can't afford $180 a night no matter how great it is!
Indianapolis would be a great place for another WDW park.  Just think how much business they'd get in May when they have the 500 race! The Superbowl is coming in 2012 there.  Well, unless the strike is still on!  I think Washington DC would have been a great place for them too.  Get burned out on the Political Memorials and take a ride on the real rollercoasters. I haven't heard there will be another park built in America but I plan on seeing the one in Florida soon.
Vacation Savings / Re: FloridaDream.Info
April 26, 2011, 02:04:25 AM
Wow Jason I can't get that site to load.  I am planning on going to Florida to take the g'babies to Disney World this year and I have never been to Florida!  I went to the Disney World in Anaheim as a teenager and thought it was a gas!